Local Business Marketing – Big Fish In A Smaller Sea

Local Business Marketing Advantages
There are advantages to local business marketing. For one thing, a smaller businesses has less competition. That’s always an advantage. Being a big fish in a smaller sea has other benefits as well. With less competition, the target market relies more heavily on the small business to provide what corporate whales can’t: friendly, helpful, reliable customer service. Advertising and promotions are also more manageable when the targeted territory is more easily defined. One other less obvious advantage is that the business becomes embedded into local business life. This often translates to better business referrals as well as better connections to business support groups.

How Local Is It?
Local marketing can mean a lot of different things to different businesses. Most businesses understand it to mean the near-at-hand regional areas where the best sales and marketing territories exist. Thus, a locality with a great sales and marketing potential can be defined as local even though it doesn’t have the same zip code. Local can also mean a tri-state or province area. It’s easy to decide what falls outside the realm of local territory when the competition begins to grow in number.

Marketing In A Smaller Sea
Though it may not seem so, marketing in a smaller region can be very worthwhile in terms of resale of products and services. If this is the case, the resale part of a marketing operative should be adequately designed to accommodate this particular prospect. For example, planning ahead for future sales campaigns might mean compartmentalizing sales by percentage of new sales and resales. In this way, the plan of action to increase sales becomes clearer and the operatives less difficult in actual practice. For instance, in marketing to the smaller sea more innovative sales campaigns can be constructed and implemented that are all inclusive of a specific community.

Taking part in community activities where businesses are given lots of exposure, for example festivals, community fairs, town-wide commerce events, etc. Or, create one specifically sponsored by your business. This may seem a bit small town. In actuality, it’s an opportunity to ingratiate the company into the fabric of the regional area. Some of the most significantly successful events held by companies are open house events that open the company to the public and offer the best possible direct exposure. An open house is relatively inexpensive by comparison to the value of the volume of exposure to a community.

The Ethical Aspects of Business Marketing

With so many different businesses and emails coming witnessed by anybody on the internet today, it is not easy to know who to trust or which is a scam. Many people don’t follow the important aspect of ethical business online due to the anonymity of the internet and lack of punishment. So as a consumer and a online business marketer it is important to expect fair transactions and render services that are promised to the buyer. Without business ethics being practiced online it makes all potential customers skeptical, with good reason online and thus less likely to trust any online service.

Nobody wants to be left high and dry after paying for a service up front only to realize that the person whom promised certain services take the money and run. This is why an important part of The Ethical Aspects of Business Marketing is to get paid when the service is complete. In case of any misunderstandings or disagreements that may lead to lending services and not receiving compensation it is a good idea to have some sort of a contract signed by participants.

An essential part The Ethical Aspects of Business Marketing is contracts. This way both the consumer and the business person can both get what they expect without any misleading or questionable deeds. Basically, both people who are part of the transaction sign which means that each legally must abide to the terms that are agreed upon. The person lending the services get their money while the people paying for it get what they wanted without any controversy or unpleasant surprises.

Success Tips For Small Business

There are several ways that people can conduct local business marketing and it a lot would depend on the items that they are trying to sell or product they are trying to show off to people. Here are a few examples of how some of this could be done for a local business and how they could handle their marketing around their town.

If you were a race car driver then you would be able to display the car that you are driving in the driveway or in your yard where people would be able to drive by and see it. If you had a fencing company then you could put sample of the fencing you do in your yard by building small square boxes with a little sign on each telling everyone what type of fence it is and display a phone number to call for an appointment or free estimate. Conducting local business marketing is available by advertising in the community newspaper and have an article written about your business and having a picture of you and how you started and what you offer for products or services.

If you were growing local vegetables then displaying them by the road as they are just picked from the garden is a form of advertising. It you had a watermelon then you could cut it in half and display the inside to tempt people with the freshness of the fruit. This is definitely local business marketing. There are coupons companies that put together mailers that include several types of advertisements and if you wanted there would be an opportunity for you to join that and have a coupon mentioning your business and services.

If you want to be able to get the word out that you are in business then post some signs in your local grocery stores, hold a grand opening, offer to do a fundraiser for the school in the community, become involved. To do local business marketing you will have to be a part of the community. Once you show everyone that you are easy to find then they will find you.

Social Media Marketing – Its Importance To Your Home Business

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media marketing platforms usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks. The resulting electronic word of mouth refers to any statement consumers share via the Internet (e.g., web sites, social networks, instant messages, news feeds) about an event, product, service, brand or company. It is recommended for every kind of business.

So can you apply social media marketing to your home business? The answer is yes. It can be applied in nearly every business and especially home businesses in the Multilevel marketing niche. Also called network marketing, this unique business model requires a distributor or representative to recruit other distributors or representatives. The existing distributors receive a percentage of their recruits’ sales in the form of commissions. In its early days, the multilevel marketing recruitment process involved making phone calls, bothering friends and family and knocking on your neighbor´s doors. Now, thanks to social media, the process is much more easier. With just Facebook, a representative of a company can reach targeted masses with a product in seconds! Check out some key importance of this unique form of marketing you should not ignore:

INTERACT WITH YOUR TARGET MARKET: You can get immediate feedback through customer updates so as to get an insight of their daily lives and buying habits. This gives you the chance to adjust your marketing strategies. The competition to get customer attention in any business is like an unending battle and social media can help your home business survive against bigger companies that have huge budgets that cover customer attention. With Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, you can enjoy a wide reach with just a push of the button. With dedication, you can easily build a network of distributors like yourself. Targeted training materials can easily be provided via E-books, videos, webinars and softwares and all of this can be obtained online for FREE these days. This has made MLM businesses as profitable as ever.

MORE PROFIT FROM MORE SALES: There will be a definite increase in your sales thereby increasing your profits. Engaging in a well organized social media marketing can actually provide you with passive income streams! When your product or service is always in front of potential buyers, they are more likely to buy from you thereby increasing your sales. One of the reason we are ever in business is to make more and more profit from more and more sale. The beauty about social media marketing is that it encourages the use of marketing incentives like freebies, bonuses, coupon codes, and quality online education made available to followers or friends in our social media platform. The effect this has on overall sales can be very amazing.

QUICK RESPONSE TO PROBLEMS: Due to the feedback received, there is an immediate response to problems with your product or service. It becomes very easy to take steps in resolving these problems right away. Research has shown that customers appreciate businesses that have good customer support. When a business does not handle customer complaints fast enough, such business is bound to lose customers to the growing population of competitors that are available in every business niche you can think of.

IT IS FREE: Owning a social network account is for the most part, absolutely free! Running a social networking campaign is relatively cheap compared to hiring a social media management or a public relations agency. It is for this fact that a lot of people are hanging out on social media, real potential customers. As a home business owner, you can create your own online campaign on these social media platforms for next to nothing. This saves costs considerably for those running a home based business.

YOUR TARGET MARKET WILL FIND YOUR PRODUCT: Another key importance of this form of marketing is that your target customers are likely to find you. This is because in the process of marketing with Facebook, you will probably need to join a lot of Facebook groups related to what you are selling. By mere posting a relevant article in these groups and pasting your website’s URL, a lot of target customers looking for your product will reach you themselves. So go ahead and post something today, you are likely to see a sale very soon! If you follow specific keywords in your social media network like Google+, a lot of people looking for your products and services will find you as they search on Google. Also, using Twitter for marketing is great way of telling people who want your products how to get them from your company.

Four Steps to an Effective Small Business Marketing Strategy

You know you have a great product or service. You have the best sales personal to help your customers make an educated buying decision. You have the best customer support set up to help your customers with any questions they have after the sale, but what are you doing to market your product or service. Nothing really happens in your business to make money before you set up and implement your small business marketing strategy.

Small Business Marketing Tip Number one

The first part of your marketing strategy should be to know your customer. Take time to think about why someone would want your product or service. You need to know what motivates your potential customers so that you can position your product or service correctly.

Small Business Marketing Tip Number Two

The second part to your small business marketing strategy is to stay consistent in your message and communication. You’re current customers and repeat customers are the most valuable customers that you have. They have already done business with you and you have had the chance to develop a relationship with them. Make sure to stay in contact with them and let them know you appreciate their business and also let them know when you have specials or new products they may like. Some tools you could use in your small business marketing strategy to stay in contact are email, text messaging, mailers, social networking messages and posts, updates on a blog or your website and so many more. Make sure you are gathering contact information from your customers and make them feel important because they are.

Small Business Marketing Tip Number Three

The third part of your business marketing strategy should be to use the media as much as possible and make some noise about your product or service. Get your business covered in as many news, radio, Internet publications as you can to establish yourself as an expert or an authority. News stations and local print media are constantly looking for good stories to be part of and talk about. Make sure that you present your business to them with the audience in mind on not necessarily to promote your business. The sneaky part of your small business marketing strategy is to let them get the word out by delivering a real cool story they can report on.

Small Business Marketing Tip Number Four

The fourth part of your marketing strategy is to make sure that your customers can find you. In the fast paced work we live in today people are using technology more and more to make their buying decisions. This includes the whole buying cycle from research to purchase for products and searching on mobile devises for local businesses. Statistically one-third of mobile searches are with local intent meaning people want to purchase now. This means that if your business does not show up their mobile device either through search or local listings, they are probably going to do business with your competition.

Your marketing strategy should be all about developing a relationship with your customer’s, this is starts with your message and should continue long after the sale. With all of the options technology offers getting news customers and staying in contact with them has become very cost-effective, so make sure to plan out your small business marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

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Expert Author Paul H Morgan

Nothing happens in business until someone sells something to someone else. It is that simple. Unfortunately, the process of getting it to happen is far from simple. Why? It is called marketing and without marketing the engine of business grinds to a halt.

What is marketing? Simply put, it is the right product, at the right place, at the right price and at the right time.

Now let’s look at those four things more closely.

Right Product. If you have identified a ‘hole’ in the marketplace; good for you. If there is ‘no hole’, create one by offering something that is slightly different from everyone else. You won’t win by being “no better or worse than everybody else.”

Right Place. If you have a singular product or service, you have to identify a place where you can do the best business selling it. Do not be scared to move away from your immediate area to capture the market share or to put you in front of your target market.

Right Price. The price has to be good for both sides. The customer has to be able to see the value, and you have to be able to earn a profit. The lowest price does not always win and as a matter of fact rarely wins. Price according to the market and stick by your guns. Add value to your product or service rather than drop the price.

Right Time. Sometimes there is a very small window of opportunity. He who hesitates is lost. You have to be able to move quickly and take advantage of favorable market conditions. If there is a ‘hole’ in the marketplace, and you don’t fill it when you can, rest assured that someone else will.

The first step in your marketing strategy is identifying and understanding what your customers want from you. You need to see everything that you do from the customer’s point of view.

Do your market research:

Ask your ideal customer – your potential customer what he or she is looking for. You may identify a different business opportunity that you hadn’t even thought about.
Ask your potential suppliers or sales reps what they think. Their experience will help you understand what your ideal customers have been purchasing.
Find out what is happening in the business that you want to open. Phone your local economic development branch to stay in touch with developing trends in the industry. Gathering this information will be invaluable to you when starting your business because it is specific and current.

Various Types of Business Marketing

Business marketing is a practice that is followed by an individual person or an organization, including commercial, government or institutions. They want to follow and facilitate the sale of their services or product or anything which in return gives them profit. Business marketing is always seen as B2B. B2B means business to business. It differs from B2C marketing. B2C means business to customers.

B2B marketing defined in simple words means to get more. It is a business to business marketing setup the services you provide end up providing you more business. If your marketing strategies are good enough, you will have a sound market share with growth going northwards. Business marketing strategies have taken non performing companies to the top and vice versa.

A very famous car manufacturing company had very brilliant business marketing plan and the plan lead them to the peak. But with time they did not change and modify their marketing strategies and finally landed in filing bankruptcy. An eastern company analyzed the market needs and made cars according to current market needs and gained huge market and profit. What that western company did was changed their business marketing plans according to current market needs. Point that is being made here is that marketing plans need to modified and updated with market needs. Business marketing is a pivot of the company but that pivot has to update with time.

Business marketing is very huge market in today’s world. Millions of dollars are spent on making marketing strategies in a single day. Business related marketing is not only limited to electronic/print media but it has penetrated the internet and has a huge ‘market share’ in that too. Business promotion has many strategies. Few of those strategies are listed below.

1. B2B branding

2. Product branding

3. Target market branding

4. Pricing branding

5. Promotion branding

6. Sales and Distribution branding

7. B2B communication branding

8. Positioning statement

At times business marketing is confused with customer marketing. Both are different. Business related marketing works like one company sells its services or products to other company to get revenue. In B2C profit is earned by selling. A simple example of this is, when an IT company is providing a telecom company a system for their internal mailing or structuring the manpower hiring system. If the level of service provided is satisfactory then the telecom company provides next chance to that company.

This is how B2B market works. Business to customer is different than this. Customer picks and can change at any time. It is at consumer’s discretion what to select. The product is not modified according to his needs. But in B2B case the product gets modified according to the needs. The difference is very subtle between business marketing and consumer marketing. A car manufacturer, who buys gauges and other parts from gauge manufacturers, is a clear example of it. Now the interaction between them is totally business related. Later keeps the former in the business and the favor is returned by the former.

Small Business Marketing Consultant: Are They Really Worth It?

The debate continues on whether hiring a small business marketing consultant is a worthy investment, especially for small businesses who have limited resources to begin with. However, businesses of all sizes and from different industries can largely benefit from these professional services that make it worthy of looking into. You may be proficient at the specific area of business that you are offering your customers, but not all business owners are equipped with the marketing skills to ensure that they can get their marketing message to the intended audience.

The concept of marketing is deceivingly simple. There are several methods that you can use to market your products or services to your target customers. However, there are also several variables that can prevent the message from reaching its intended audience. Expert consultants will be able to identify what factors can lead to more success and what are not working efficiently. Generally speaking, a consulting agency can help you develop marketing strategies for small business. However, there are more benefits that await you.

The main reason why you should invest on professional consulting for your business is to bring in a new dimension of thinking. With an impartial view from a business marketing expert, you will be able to see the larger picture to devise more effective marketing solutions. The internal politics and management needs within a company can hinder one’s ability to devise an effective strategy. With an outside view, they can recommend marketing strategies for small business that is designed to meet your goals based on their experience and expertise.

Another practical benefit that you can enjoy with a consultant is the cost-efficiency. You only pay for services that you get. Also, you have control over the level of consulting services that they provide. You can therefore expect maximum efficiency and productivity with the number of hours that you pay them for consulting services. In fact, it is very practical since you can put your consultant on hold whenever business is slow and hire them again as needed.

You can also task your consultant to handle your entire marketing department. Any business owner is aware that there is a lot going on with running a business. Thus, marketing is often neglected or not done as efficiently as if you had someone who can look over marketing strategies for small business. With a business consultant, it is now possible because you can leverage their professional expertise to devise a marketing approach suited for various situations.

Ideally, you should hire a consultant when a situation comes up in your business organization that requires for a marketing job outside of the existing marketing duties in your business. These situations include any or a combination of the following: introducing new product, newly formed business, launching a product line, setting up new distribution channels, or troubleshooting business marketing schemes.

The above-mentioned benefits to hiring a small business marketing consultant is just a general glimpse into the services offered. The best feature about a consulting service is that it is highly flexible; thus, you can make use of this service regardless of the size, scope, and type of business you are in.

Small Business Marketing Ideas – How to Make the Most Out of Your Marketing Efforts

The internet is a crucial tool in the arsenal of small business marketing ideas. Even though the internet can reach people across the globe, a new trend is focusing locally with advertisements and promotions. One of many small business marketing ideas is using banner ads with a local emphasis. Some ways of bringing traffic to a small business website is to offer free promotional items or considerable discounts. An important way of following up with your ideas is to make sure your site has web presence beyond its own URL. The best way to ensure this is to register with search engines and make sure the content is optimized for higher rankings.

A website must stand out. One way to make sure of this is to use one of the small business marketing ideas. A prominent idea that will bring customers is to offer free or heavily discounted services or products. Some things to consider when building a website with small business marketing ideas in mind are creating an E-zine and including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content.

An Ezine, like EzineArticles for example, is a place to write articles on the products or services being offered. It can be very helpful in taking advantage of many of the other small business marketing ideas. A business would benefit by expanding its coverage to trends in the target market. As a business owner you should be commenting on blog posts. When writing articles or blog posts choose keywords that will bring up a site in search engines. A common rule of thumb is to have keywords placed at two to three percent density. That means if a post has 250 words, a keyword and possibly a variant should show up between five times and seven times.

Another very important aspect of small business marketing ideas is to comment on blog posts and in chat rooms related to its offerings. This can also work well for setting up affiliates, which could be a very valuable method in small business marketing ideas. Affiliate marketing follows the old adage of “You rub my back and I will rub yours”. Businesses that have similar offerings or focus on the same market might advertise the other one and each gets a residual payment each time someone clicks on the ad or buys something from the other business.

A new trend in small business marketing ideas involves online advertising. The advertising should be based on a users local area and demographic information. Business owners may balk expenses associated with such a campaign. However, the way online advertising works is currently in a state of change. Rather than the old method of Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), the latest fad is using Cost-Per-Action (CPA) advertising. The difference is that a publisher does not need to be paid unless a purchase is made. With pay-per-click, a publisher had to be paid even if someone did not sign up for a site or service or purchase a product. But please be aware that even the best small business marketing ideas are useless until someone puts them into action!